Our IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) box connects directly to your existing Internet through Wi-Fi. It's a great way to watch the standard UK TV channels on your TV, even if you can’t install a satellite dish. Also, no VPN is required.

Everything's included in the box

Our neat little IPTV box comes packaged with everything needed to connect (worldwide) and get viewing not just your fave Live UK TV but also the built in 10 day Catch up!

3 channel packs to choose

All our packages offer 16 of the most popular shows, whilst our Premium and Ultimate packages offer 20 and 66 additional channels respectively. All packages feature:

UK TV IPTV box and Standard Package

Buy the Standard IPTV Package

IPTV box:


Standard IPTV Channel Package:


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Our Standard IPTV package gives you access to a great TV selection - 16 of the most popular UK channels to enjoy.

Standard IPTV features:

UK TV IPTV box and Premium Package

Buy the Premium IPTV package

IPTV box:


Premium IPTV Channel Package:


Order Premium IPTV

With 36 channels, the Premium IPTV package offers a bigger selection of UK TV directly through your existing internet.

Premium IPTV features:

UK TV IPTV box and Ultimate Package

Buy the Ultimate IPTV Package

IPTV box:


Ultimate IPTV Channel Package:


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With the Ultimte IPTV package you can enjoy the largest selection of UK TV and movies available, all through your internet.

Ultimate IPTV features:

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