Our Hardware & Software VPN Solutions both provide you with a 'Virtual' Private Network. This means your Internet access 'appears' to be in the UK, allowing full access to UK services.

Why do I need a UK VPN?

With one of our UK VPN solutions in your home you can access all of these fantastic UK services:

Our two great VPN options explained

UK VPN Router

Our UK VPN Router provides a dedicated Wi-Fi network in your home that you can connect any of your capable devices to. It provides the highest level of flexibility.

UK VPN Connection

Our UK VPN Connection is a software solution that enables you to connect compatible devices such as an iPad, Mac, PC or Laptop to our UK servers.

UK TV VPN Router

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UK VPN Router:

299chf includes 1 years VPN connection

219chf/year extra 1 year VPN connection



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Our UK VPN Router box simply connects to your standard router, providing you a second Wi-Fi network in your home with it's own dedicated UK IP (Internet) address.

Any device you then connect to your UK TV Direct Router will be able to access all the UK TV streaming services like Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, Sky store, Sky On Demand etc.

Connecting your NOW TV box to the UK VPN router means you can enjoy UK TV anywhere in the world!

UK TV VPN Software

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UK VPN Connection:



Add a Sky GO Subscription for just:


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Our UK VPN Connection is a smart piece of software for your PC, Mac or Laptop - when you want to watch UK TV you just activate the VPN connection, your device is then given a UK IP (Internet) address.

iPad does not require this software, just our VPN configured in the settings.

You can pay monthly or yearly.

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